He has autism and was crowned National Taekwondo Champion

This is Onan Cosentino Álvarez, who suffers from Generalized Development Disorder. At CeNARD, the Brown representative of Adrogué took the gold medal.


Once again Onan Cosentino Álvarez showed everyone that no barrier is so important to prevent them from reaching their dreams. The 14-year-old sportsman suffers from Generalized Developmental Disorder (TGD) and climbed to the top of the podium in Para-Taekwondo .


The tournament organized by the Argentine Confederation was held at the CeNARD facilities. There, the Brownian competed among more than 30 participants (800 in total) and National Champion was consecrated in the forms category. He earned 7.26 points.

Onan Taekwondo practice since he turned nine, at the Brown Club of Adrogué. He has autism, but the activity helped him improve his health and communicate with peers. He is currently a student of Aylen Romachuk, gold medal in the Pan American and bronze in London 2012.


“He never practiced differentiated from the group. He is very compliant and we work a lot on the emotional and self-control. He has a lot of memory, he is a retailer and he helps his teammates,” explained his coach.

Desde la institución se hicieron eco de la noticia y felicitaron a Álvarez por su gran actuación en la competencia. “Seguiremos trabajando por este camino de la inclusión, donde los desafíos son nuestro juego preferido. Gracias a su familia por confiar en que el taekwondo sería una herramienta más para su bienestar”, señalaron en sus redes sociales.

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